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Thread: Sid Harta Publishers

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    Sid Harta Publishers

    Hello everyone,

    I know, or rather I assume, that Sid Harta has been discussed. Forgive me my inability to locate the files concerning this publisher.

    I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with this group. It seems to be a vanity press, with a geniune desire to print quality... you know what I mean? The process of editing seems to be forefront in their webpage. Only I haven't found anything to suggest that they do anything more than what PA provides.

    How are they viewed as far as the publishing world... if anyone knows.

    Thanks in advance.

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    *blows dust off thread* Adding link:

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    SID Harta Publishers

    Has anybody heard of them. i met an author that was published by them but i didn't get a chance to ask how they were to work with. it's an aussie publisher but thats more convenient for me and many other aussie authors.


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    There's an existing Sid Harta thread, where I assume a moderator will soon port this one...

    Sid Harta offers vanity contracts (the author has to pay to be published--Sid Harta calls this "co-publishing"). The submission guidelines also appear to require authors to pay for a manuscript assessment (not something you'd expect from a reputable commercial publisher).

    - Victoria


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