Okay, I have a feeling that there is some really obvious answer to this, hence why I'm posting it here:
My current project is a detective novel containing fantasy elements, no problem with that, however I find it to get extremely difficult to write because I set my story in a country I've never been to, simply because I want to write it in English and it'd feel weird to have an English novel set in a country where English isn't the native language.
So now I'm considering to use the paranomal elements as an excuse to build a fantasy world, but I don't know if that would simply be silly. I don't plan on adding any magic, fantasy creatures or races. In fact, my fantasy world would be much alike the real one, following the same kinds of rules for physics as our own.
I really like the idea of the freedom to create societies that really add to the already-existing conflict by simply having laws, governments and social customs that are a big bother to my characters, but I simply don't know if a non-magical fantasy world would feel unnecessary and silly to a reader.
Please help? =) Would it really just be better to show it to a lot of people who are living in the country my novel is set in for feedback?