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Thread: Entangled Publishing

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    Just thought I'd post my experience with Entangled Publishing. Submitted in August to August (new imprint). :-) Originally had a 70K contemporary romance (the upper limit stated on their Submissions page for the August imprint) ready to go but when I clicked to submit via Submittable the next page had a lower limit listed - 65K. The Submittable page had a 65K limit as well so I spent some time revising to fall within that range. Approximately 6 weeks passed before it went from "Received" to "In-Progress". The 60-day mark arrived with no rejection or update so I nudged via the general Submissions email address but received no response.

    At this point I'm assuming it's a rejection but luckily I received a very positive and detailed R&R on the same manuscript from an editor at another publisher (only waited 3 weeks for a response!). She asked only that I strengthen one particular line of conflict so I'm moving forward with that revision. Best of luck to anyone on submission with Entangled, or any other publisher for that matter.

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    I submitted to Entangled in June (22nd) and received my response on the 3rd of October. In it the editor wrote the submission was intriguing and well written, however the following issue felt too problematic for us to consider the manuscript further. She informed me of what the problem was, then wrote, "We understand that writing is a continual process of development and improvement, so should you choose to revise this project, you are welcome to resubmit it for consideration no earlier than six months from today's date. In the meantime, please keep us in mind for your next project.
    I know this may seem like a silly question to some, but to me this seemed like a polite and informative rejection, however I was also told by some friends they have received emails like this and they see it as a r&r. Can anyone else weigh in for me so we can settle this debate? Thanks!

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    Well, it's sort of both. Or halfway between. All the R&Rs I've had involved substantial feedback and back-and-forth with a specific editor; this is more generic than that. It's a rejection of the manuscript in its present form, but the door has been left open should you choose to make the changes they suggest. A further re-submission may well result in a final rejection--there are no guarantees offered.

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    I've just had an R&R from Entangled. The editor replied to my submission by saying she enjoyed the MS but would need to see changes made before she could consider going further with it and asked if I would be interested. I was, so she then replied with a list of things that weren't working for her. She told me I could resubmit at any time and to contact her if I had any questions in the meantime.

    If you look on Query Tracker, it seems like the six month window is a common thing with Entangled, but perhaps slightly different to an R&R. If you're happy to make the changes suggested, then I'd go for it - I'd almost guarantee it will make your manuscript stronger, which will also help when you're submitting elsewhere so it seems like a win/win situation.

    Good luck! (And if you're wondering, my R&R ended up as a rejection).
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