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Thread: Entangled Publishing

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    Dec 2017
    To you new authors submitting to Entangled with stars in your eyes and your hopes high, I suggest you do your research on this house. And I don't mean on guidelines and rules or paying attention to the handful (literal handfuls) of authors who do well here. But go on their website, go through the authors' list and check all their books.

    I sure wish I had.

    I don't know what Entangled's goal is, but it def isn't SELLING books. More like amassing as many books and authors as possible, then spitting them out in careless bulks every week with NO marketing or focus.

    I know some of you just want that "validation" from a traditional publishing house so you'll do anything, but sometimes it's just not worth all the blood, sweat and tears you've put into your art. They don't care. You're just another book title there. No matter how many exclamation points you see in that first email from your editor. Once you sign that contract...

    Just saying, guys. In all those weeks/months you're sitting there waiting on an R&R, do your research. And be careful where you submit.

    YA Fantasy authors can ignore this. They do take good care of YA Fantasy authors.
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