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Thread: Do Virtual Book Tours work?

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    Do Virtual Book Tours work?

    I'm setting up a promotion plan for my YA fantasy book that's coming out with a small press in June and I was considering a virtual book tour. I was wondering if anyone had experience with doing one?

    How well did it go? Did it help increase awareness of your book? Did it drive traffic to your website? Did you see any increase in book sales?


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    As someone who gets flooded with invitations to virtual book tours, I can honestly say I have not found one yet that has inticed me to buy the book.

    Unlike sampling music on line, reading is very personal and a blog tour is very impersonal. IMHO...
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    Thank you! I've been curious if any have worked. I actually never heard of them until recently.

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    Janice Hardy did a month-long blog tour for her YA fantasy, and discussed the results here. Looks like she didn't get much long-term change in traffic, but the experience gave her some insight on how to do a successful blog tour.
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    Thank you so much for the link!


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