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Thread: My first book signing

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    There are some good ideas in this thread!

    Keith, do you know of any journals or historical publications that print articles similar to your topic? (Regional publications might also work.) You could select one topic from your book--the public's response to Harrison's death, say--and turn it into an article. This might stimulate interest in your book. If this worked out well, you could take another topic, and turn that into another article for a different journal.

    Also, I just checked your Amazon page. I thought your Product Description was very good. For your About the Author section, though, I wouldn't mention your background in finance or claims adjustment, since (as you've noted here yourself) they aren't what people expect from an author writing about a president. Instead, why not put in a few lines about how you got interested in Harrison? There is no need to say that this is your first book, either. (The part about your location and family is fine.)
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