I knit. And spin my own yarn. I kind of have to, as I do mostly lace knitting (SHETLAND LACE SHAWL FTW) and there are NO specialty yarn shops within a three hour's drive...and I'm too damn lazy to order it off the internet. (That, and if I can't feel it I can't know if it's right).

I've completed three lace shawls. My first was the final pattern from a book on Orenburg lace shawls. My second also came from a book I have since lost (The pattern was Shetland Tea Shawl) and I have pictures from blocking it on my blog over here: http://creativedoubledipper.blogspot...ock-party.html

Every inch of yarn in that thing was spun with a hand spindle. It is two ply. It took about a month, and six months to spin the yarn.

The third one, I have no pictures of. It was made with this fine merino I spun on my charka (BEST. TOY. EVER.) and the pattern was something I made up. The Shetland Tea Shawl taught me about Pi-shawl design (IE: cast on 5-10 stitches, knit a row, double your stitches, knit three rows, double your stitches, knit six rows, double, twelve rows, double, twenty four, forty eight, ninety-six, and so on and so on ad infinitum) and I began stockpiling books on lace knitting.

My current project is another Pi-shawl using the same kind of wool (I stocked up on the merino) and a modified version of "lilac time" from The Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel.

I don't pretend to be expert good at lace knitting, but I LOVE it.