I'm at work and Photobucket is blocked, but I am totally showing off the Ridiculously Complex Knitting Project I Started Two Weeks Before Christmas:

It's the pic in this AW Post.

This is for my son's GF (they've been living together for 6 months). She doesn't know anything about it. I'm going to bring it to my folks' house where we'll meet up with them on Christmas Day.

The most difficult part of the darned thing was the &#!%@*! name. I HATE lazy daisy stitch. the project took 6 days, working every night and on the weekend. It's not that hard--it's really just an oversize sock with the FairIsle-like cuff. It's just--2 weeks before Christmas. I'm certifiable.

The little old lady who taught me to knit when I was a wee Lily gave me the pattern before she passed away a few years ago. She made this stocking for me when I was 5, then for Mr. Lily when we got married, then as gifts for both my sons. So this is like "GF is part of the family officially now."