I knit and crochet! I actually meet with other knitters twice a week. I'm like an elderly woman, lol. My UN is the same on Ravelry, and I welcome new friends over there too

The only thing I've done from a book/movie was Bella's mittens from the first Twilight movie. I'm not the biggest fan of the series, but the horseshoe cabled mittens were gorgeous and made a great Xmas gift for my SIL who lives in NY.

The MC in my current WIP is a knitter, so there are a couple of fun knitting jargony pieces in it here and there. I hadn't thought of actually making the projects in my own story, but it could be interesting. She was working on a grey cabled alpaca scarf, an ear flap hat out of merino in a charcoal and jewel tone colorway (a yarn that I have actually purchased from Marigoldjen on Etsy), and then a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Anyone else addicted to hand painted yarns? I have bins full, but can rarely bring myself to actually use them for anything. I always end up getting $3.00/skein acrylic for my projects, while my nice yarn sits there looking beautiful in hanks. I've dabbled in dying my own, as well.