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Thread: Bryce Cullen Publishing / Goodman Beck Publishing

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    Bryce Cullen Publishing / Goodman Beck Publishing


    At first glance, they seem to be a typical vanity operation. They use "self-publishing" in the sales pitch, but they're still essentially a middleman operating as a vanity, pocketing a writer's money.

    Usual claims in place concerning distribution: "we’ll make your book available to be ordered at most any bookstore in the country."

    At least they added "to be ordered at" which is more honest than most, who leave that out.

    Writers are expected to buy first, then meet the person in charge of their book later.

    Absolutely NO books on display to give an idea about what sort of cover art they do.

    That's a red flag. Writers are expected to buy a pig in a poke.

    As near as I can tell, they opened the doors in the summer of 2010, "packages" start at 799.00.

    TRUE self-pubbing via a POD service like CreateSpace or Lulu is much cheaper.

    Offers copy editing, but I can't find anything to indicate who the copy editor might be and what professional experience the person might have in the publishing industry.

    There's nothing to indicate the copy editor is remotely qualified for the job.

    They came on my radar on FaceBook. The person running things has been trolling, apparently doing key word searches looking for customers. I believe that is in violation of FB's Terms of Service.

    From the replies on the FB page where it's clear BC is giving writers a link to their website. If you post on FB about writing a book, BC will likely find it and send a link. Like other newbies, the writers who respond don't seem to understand that paying to publish is not how it's done.

    I've no love for any vanity printer, but this one's trolling activity is just wrong.

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    His other venture, Goodman Beck Publishing:, with Alan Gettis (father? brother?), who is also the main author.

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