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Thread: Amira Rock Publishing

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    Amira Rock Publishing

    I asked an author who worked with this publisher if it was good and the individual said it was. However, the author said the publisher was their friend. Has this washed out all credibility ?
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    Lets see. The publisher is the most prolific "author" on their site. Both the publishing house and the publisher has a hotmail email address. The book reviews page only lists two books and there are no reviews or clickable links. They have a cafepress products link, and there is only 12 books listed and they've been around since 2008? Site is amateurish. I'm curious to what a contract looks like but..... way too many red flags for me to even remotely consider them.

    And yes, if the publisher is a friend of your authorfriend, it does erase all the credibility out of their statement.

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    Given that at least six of the twelve books on their web site are written by Tessa LaRock, who also seems to run this outfit, I would take it all in very carefully. Ask specific questions - such as, are their books on shelves in book stores, rather than online only? Are their books published through a third party, e.g., Create a Space (such as Savants does)? Do they pay advances?

    I was also referred to a "small press" by a friend of my husband's, when (after not too much research required), I discovered serious gaps in the press' ability to get the books onto shelves (much less pay an advance of any kind!). It would be, essentially, akin to self-publishing, and I adamantly do not want to go that route. However, if that's what you're looking for...?

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    Given that they probably don't have distribution to brick and mortar bookstores, their webpage should be all about selling books. Except, it isn't.

    Their homepage is nothing but a graphic with the words "HELPING AUTHORS GET THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR AND THEIR BOOKS ON THE SHELF..." I.e., it's geared to writers, not book buyers.

    And the "products" page doesn't let a prospective buyer read a sample. When buying a book online (or elsewhere), I won't buy unless I can read an excerpt.

    Doesn't bode well for sales.

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