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Thread: [Publisher] Kitsune Books

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    Question [Publisher] Kitsune Books

    I'm setting up a submission list for a fantasy manuscript. Ralan lists Kitsune Books [ link ] The press isn't listed in the Beware/Background check so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything about them. Do you?
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    I like that the main page talks about their books, rather than recruiting authors.

    However--and I don't know how worrisome this might be--they've spotlighted their featured book, "Big Boys Don't Cry" in a huge font, but the picture of the book shows the title is actually "Big Boys Don't Spy".

    Also, perhaps a mod would like to fix the thread title, to Kitsune Books instead of Kitsusne?
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    That misspelling would be pretty worrisome to me. Not that people won't find the book, or ignore it because of the misspelling, but because it indicates a lack of professionalism (IMO) on the publisher's part.

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    Just the facts, please
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    Kitsune is closed. From the website: "Kitsune Books has closed its doors. We've had a fine run for 6 years and hope you will continue to support the excellent authors and artists we've published. We will continue to sell books from this website as long as our inventory lasts."


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