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Thread: [Publisher] Key Porter Books

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    [Publisher] Key Porter Books

    Apparently they've suspended publication of their fall and spring lists and they've let their sole remaining editor go.

    Here's their website if anyone is interested. They're in trouble despite being subsidized by both federal and provincial government's in Canada.

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    That's a real shame. They were putting out 100 titles a year. I know last fall they cut fiction and implemented a policy of 'no new fiction from new authors.' They've been on the ropes for a while. They used to be the canadian distributor for Hachette and they lost that last year ... Then they had a few major non-fiction titles really tank (like only 2000 sales tank) and I think it was a stumble that they couldn't pull out of. They're a mid-sized publisher and presently the Book Development Fund (BDF) in Canada really supports new publishers. 2010 was a shift for the BDF and it was supposed to start supporting the burgeoning presses, or those that have good footing in the industry, but perhaps Key Porter was too big to really benefit from it.
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    More on their (and parent H.B. Fenn's) problems, if any are interested:

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