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Thread: Acorn Independent Press Ltd.

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    Acorn Independent Press Ltd.

    This entity started following me on Twitter and because I couldn't find a thread for it, I figured I'd start one.

    Website is here:

    But my Internet Explorer is having problems showing it so I haven't been able to check it out. However it does seem to be run by a brother and sister team with commercial publishing experience and who've had help setting up from people with commercial publishers.


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    Sounds like they'll probably make more money charging authors to publish than they would working for a commercial press. With their background, they'll probably do a good job on producing a quality product - but time will tell, right?

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    I am indeed the sister of the brother and sister team mentioned above. I have worked in publishing for a while both in the editorial dept of a large international and in a small literary agency and I've seen far too many talented writers slip through the net. My brother and I have been mentored by Geoff Duffield, Sales & Marketing Director of Macmillan as marketing is one of our key focuses.

    To find out more, or sign up to our free novel-writing crash-course check us out here:



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