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Thread: Comet Press

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    I got it covered Undercover's Avatar
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    Comet Press

    Didn't see it on the list, does anyone know of them?

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    Girl Detective Stacia Kane's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
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    They're obviously very small, and it doesn't appear from their "About" page that they're regularly stocked in bookstores.

    But the covers are fantastic, and I recognize a few of the names on their Author list. Simon Wood, who I know a bit, is a sharp, good guy, a good writer, so his presence there is a point in their favor for me. (Which doesn't mean I'm recommending them or anything.)

    It looks to me a bit like a small "more for the love" outfit, but it looks like they're at least doing it professionally and well. Looks like they've been around for a couple of years, too, which is good.

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    Shakespearean Fool DreamWeaver's Avatar
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    I read inside their bestselling book on Amazon. The editing was not up to commercial standards, and the book was ranked around 120,000. However, they may do very well in their niche, and it's possible their target demographic is perfectly willing to put up with the grammar and punctuation errors.
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    Know what you write...
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    You might want to ask Stacia to put in you in contact with this Simon Wood to see if he's happy about this publisher's work.

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    So many ideas, never enough time. michael_b's Avatar
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    I recognize and/or know several of their authors from when I published my horror zine back in the late 90s, but that doesn't make this a recommendation either.
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    practical experience, FTW kelliewallace's Avatar
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    Any news on this pub? Their next release is May.
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