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Thread: Franklin, Tracy R.

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    Franklin, Tracy R.

    Title: Angst, Anger, Love, Hope
    Author: Tracy R. Franklin
    Publication Date: November 12, 2010
    Publisher: JMS Books LLC
    Format: ebook and paperback
    ISBN: 9781611520309 ebook; 9781456310837 print
    Price: $4.99 ebook; $12.50 paperback
    Logline: Angst, Anger, Love, Hope is an honest look at what it means to be socially, economically, and emotionally disenfranchised. It is both a plaintive cry and an introspective analysis, and it is a calling to account of both society and self.
    Links: Barnes and Noble, Amazon [ebook], Amazon [paperback], Smashwords, Publisher's website
    Link to author's blog:
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