I'm up for the wings. Not a beer fan, though. I like a Captain and Dr. Pepper every now and again.

Inspie, it is unfortunate to think that way, but what can you do in today's world? We moved to Maryland in 2001. That fall, 9/11 hit the Pentagon, and my office building was a mere seven miles away. One odd turn of the steering device, and you never know. The next year, those nasty DC snipers were picking off people in the county I lived in where my boys had to walk to school every day. Because they were looking for a white van at the time (they knew all along what kind of car they were looking for, but they advertised white van to the media), and my wife drove a white minivan to school every day, my wife was stopped one day on the way to work, and her and her teacher friend were approached with rifles pointed at their heads. One slip of the finger on the trigger, and you never know.

Lately, the large company I work for has eliminated over seven hundred positions. I had to eliminate one of the trouble makers on my staff.

Through all that, you think I don't get suspicious of someone slashing my tires, someone bringing a gun into a crowded place because they are a little whacko, or that guy on the plane I'm on wearing the turban?

This is a crazy world, and although I pray every day that nothing like that happens to me or my family, I do not have a strong enough faith to think that it may not happen to me.

When I talk to my teens about Columbine, I tell them that I hope that I raise my kids well enough that they are not the kid with the gun who would shoot another human being, or the bully that could have not bullied to put himself in that situation. But I can't teach them anything about how to avoid a stray bullet because you happen to be a kid sitting in a cafeteria.

This world stinks. I pray and I pray. But it doesn't make me any less suspicious.