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Thread: [Display site] Amazon Studios

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    [Display site] Amazon Studios

    This is wonderful.

    If I were not sick of revising my novel in the signature again, I would adapt it to join the contest

    But maybe I should write the next story as a script, because I really want to move on.

    Anyway, let's discuss about the studio in this thread There is only 38 submissions now, but it will become another youtube and scribd soon, flooded by millions of clips and scripts. LOL
    I'm a sponge absorbing all your nice advices.

    And if you like, would you mind taking a look and commenting on my query in SYW? Thank you.

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    Its going to be another popularity contest.

    I doubt it will have anything to do with the writing but how well you network to get votes. IMHO...
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    First round for determining which movies/scripts get seen by the analysts?

    Audience feedback.

    Second round is judged by analysts, and who they are is not defined.

    If you get through that, you get to be seen by the judges.

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