There's Firelight, Nightshade, Wings, Fallen, Evernight, Paranormalcy, Dark Elite, Hush Hush, Matched, Strange Angels-- even Hillary Duff's Ghostwriter's book, etc. All those hyped, publicized books basically have the exact same formula-- first person, some token element of other worldliness, a love triangle with a bad boy and a good boy, one of whom is the designated love interest.

My question: is YA becoming the new romance aisle?

The romance genre is a big money maker, but very formulaic. You pretty much know exactly how every story will end, and if any variation exists, it lies in how the protags get to that final goal of realizing their epic true love. You what the main dynamic's going to be, you know what man the woman will end up with, you know all the plotlines or potentially compelling subject matter will essentially be subplots to the goal of forwarding the romance. So much of YA now can pretty much be encapsulated in a formula just like this-- only slap on a Twilight-esqe cover.

I rather wish these books were shelved separately from the rest of YA so I'd know what section to avoid.