Ok i've been going online to find this answer but they only give me the side effects for those with ADHD. Now i know that some people take this drug along with Adderall to stay focused even though they dont have ADHD or ADD. Now what exactly are the effects of these drugs on a person without ADHD or ADD. Will it simply help them focus? Or if taken in high enough doses can there be more drastically dangerious side effects? Could it act like a form of speed? Cause sleeping problems? Increase a temper?

These are the desiered results i need for my story, so can Riddlin and or Adderall do this? If not, does anyone know of a drug that could? And Could Adderall, riddlin or a drug that can give me those desired symptoms be easily sleeped into and desolved into a drink without a person noticing?
Thanks for any help you could give me!