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Thread: Descriptions: Clothing and Makeup

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    Descriptions: Clothing and Makeup

    Okay, I figured women's fiction was the best place for this. I find a lot of women's fiction books do a paragraph like this at the beginning of a scene:

    I threw on a neat high waisted skirt and a matching bolero style jacket over a coral silk top before struggling into pantyhose and heels, and dashing out.
    That's from my almost finished first draft, and is likely to be changed, but... It seems to me that this is a fairly common thing in chick lit and especially romance. How do you feel about it? Info dump? Something you quite like? irrelevant?

    I know you could put it into the scene, as in...

    I brushed off the sleeve of my bolero jacket as I approached Chuck. God, I could hardly breathe in this high waisted skirt, and these heels were crippling. Still. It was a business meeting. Of sorts.

    I guess I like that little info dump. I imagine her as she looks in the mirror or whatever, and then I slot her into the scene. It's a more complete picture, rather than giving me time to envision my own outfit, only to be disappointed.

    What do you guys reckon?
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