I'm going to give all of you an ear full.
I just got my W-2 / 1099!! heee,hee,he
It is for $17,96...yep, beat ya' all. Now, as my fav, Paul Harvey use to say, here's the rest of the story.
In Feb, I was paid the "standard $2.80" for royalties on the 1st period, and a whopping $17.96 for the second period which ends on the 31st of July.
In late Aug I got an e-mail stating that I had earned $0.00 because I had sold no books...I replied to their little e-mal with a Cut and paste of the e-mail promotion anouncing my book in hard covers and it specifically said I'd be paid royalties and I had bought 9 copies...thus the $17.96.
Two days later, the check arrived...ecept the stub listed the ISBN for the soft cover. I really didn't pay much attention until just recently when I started my online campaign to bet my conttract released.
On Dec 12, I received an emial stating that they had looked into my question about the royalties for the hard bound purchase and that there had been a computer glitch...I swear, go to my website and read it for yourself.
On Dec 22, according to the stamp on the envelope, I got a check signed by Larry boy himself, yep, for $17.96.
Well, if you add it up, I made a whopping $38.72....UUUhhhh, why is the W-2 for $17.96?

So I have come to the following conclusion.
My contract clearly states in Item 11 that pa agrees to keep "true and acccurate accounting"...NOT!!!

I'm in the processs of sending a copy of the W-2 to the IRS as additional information concerning my filing of the Referal for for information...If ther is a mistake this big on my W-2, then there is at least one more out there.

I am inviting anyone currently in the struggle with PA, and others who have given up, but still under contract to go to my website, look it over and start one similar to it.
I'll become the point man, if you'll join ranks with me.

For the newbies who have signed and are still in communication with PA, I sure hope frustration didn't get the best of you and you blew away all of the e-mails. If not move them to a special folder in your mail box. I have over 130 in mine.

One last thing, as badly as I despise these people, when i get an offer to receive a 45% discount and they will double the order, my book drops to $5.47 per copy. As shoddy as the copies are, I can't print the book through Lulu that cheap.
If you are considering a "professional careeer' avoid PA like the plague. As for me, I have come to the conclusion they won't get anywhere near my "rewrite", my newest fiction endeavor (which just passed the 30,000 word count and is abut 1/2 finished), my wood craft book, or any future endeavors.

If you look at it that way, and are willing to completely promote and sell the book yourself, wait for the 45% offers and buy a slew.
I'm stating an e-store very shortly and will give any PA author a link to their website and promote your books there if you become a member and support my efforts.

I am www.whypublishamerica.webs.com
Drop in and see me.
I was posting at at another forum, where I took a lot of abuse, and my friend that I found there pointed me back to the water cooler... narcolepsy plays funny tricks on ones memory but the forum was dtapx or something like that...

I freely admit that I am an ameature, but that has nothing to do with the lies that PA perpetrates...

I have not shown how many authors I hae onboard yet, as I don't want PA to have all of the info.
You can view the checks, contract, e-mails (not all of them I've only posted about 60+ there), contaccts with the FBI, IC3, and IRS, letters to NBC Today, and Target, and a little album giving you a little more info about Oui :-)