Anyone know anything about this journal?

I know you're scratching your head. This journal has zero web presence. I queried them over a year ago and they accepted my short story in April. Frankly, it was an old piece that I had shopped around for a long time and was happy when it was over. It's a quarterly mag, no payment for FNASR. The publisher, Obi Harrison Ekwonna, said I would be receiving a contributor's copy.

This month I was contacted by a journal (that has plenty of web presence) that wants second rights to reprint the story. I had queried them and withdrew when it was accepted by OSL, but they really want it anyway. That's when I remembered, Did the quarterly issue come out? Where's my copy?. I emailed Ekwonna, the only way I know to get in touch with them, and haven't heard back. With such a particular name, I'm sure it's the Ekwonna that graduated from Howard U in 1983 (thanks, google), so it's a real person. It's still not very comforting.

Similar experiences? Concerns?