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Thread: Evernight Publishing / Evernight Teen

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    JustWondering, you make some very good points. The one thing that really pissed me off about Evernight is that they do not provide your files automatically. You have to ask for them. But because of this, it's not entirely impossible to get reviews despite missing the release of your book. Early and on-time reviews are great, but continuous reviews are good, too.

    The problem with ALMOST EVERY romance publisher today is that they do next-to-nothing for new authors. Why? IMO, they're too busy helping their "heavy hitters" aka the authors that make them money. This is one reason why a lot of authors choose self-publishing over publishers.

    Not to make it sound like a bad thing, but in today's romance market, being able to market (effectively) yourself is an extremely crucial skill to have if you want to go anywhere with your career. If you're not willing to try, then you could find yourself struggling no matter what your choice -- to go with a publisher or self-publish.

    Anyway, on the topic of Evernight: they, too, have done more for me than most other publishers I've worked with. But they do focus on their "heavy hitters" more.
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