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Thread: A homegrown "foreign" language - American Sign Language

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    A homegrown "foreign" language - American Sign Language

    Can you converse in American Sign Language (ASL)? Or are you more comfortable with Signed Exact English (SEE)? Some actually get by with finger-spelling.

    If you can sign, are you a deafie? How about profoundly hard-of-hearing? Perhaps you’re a hearie with deaf relatives or friends, in which case you’re a cross between an advocate and an angel.

    Or maybe ASL is your profession--that of interpreter.

    Whatever (palms toward the midriff, the tips of both five-hands brushing each other back and forth), tell why you sign, are learning to sign, or use some element of signing.

    My name’s Chase (one thumb-up "ten" sign fleeing while the other thumb-up "ten" sign quickly pursues).

    My sister, four years older, was born deaf, so I learned ASL at the same time I learned spoken English. I was progressively more hard-of-hearing for over two decades, then totally deaf for the last ten years. For me, ASL has been a terrific alternate communication to speech-reading (formerly lip-reading, but so much more).

    What’s your sign?
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