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Thread: Alabaster Book Publishing

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    Roe Draje Maddie's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
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    Alabaster Book Publishing

    I did a search of AW - and couldn't locate any threads for "Alabaster Publishing". I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with this outfit. I was referred to one of the owners by an acquaintance, and having had an offer with another well-meaning small publishing house (and having passed on that offer), I feel a need to tread carefully. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Which one, Maddie? I see there are two - one is a Christian publisher ( and the other ( looks like a vanity press. From their site:
    The book publishing industry is going through a revolutionary change. More authors are choosing alternative routes to seeing their books in print and enjoying the benefits that accrue. Alabaster is on the cutting edge of this change.
    This is standard verbiage from presses who believe they're reinventing the publishing wheel by either charging the author fees or some other options that aren't in the author's best interests.
    When you publish with Alabaster, you retain all rights to your book, have greater input on the design process, experience shorter wait times for the finished product, realize far greater profits, know that your books will never go out of print, and benefit from the personal attention we give to our authors
    The "shorter wait times/more author input/personal attention/your book lives forever" is classic vanity-speak designed to make the author think they're getting a far better deal than with "traditional" publishers.

    A great rule of thumb is this: if a publisher has to defend why they're so much better than everyone else is hiding something.

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    Researching History's Mysteries HistorySleuth's Avatar
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    Well this link looks like a personal website for a minister who has books published through Author's Den

    So maybe you mean Alabaster Book Publishing< which looks like pay to play. From website, "offering our author services" and "request a Service Order Form" and the realizing your dream stuff, so not a commercial publisher.

    Doesn't say anything about their printing process or distribution, that I can find anyway.

    Or is it Alabaster Box Publishing? which looks like another author gone publisher.

    So its hard to say without knowing who your acquaintance referred you to.

    Upps Priceless1 we were typing at the same time. Doesn't mater which of the 3 it is, none look good.
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    Roe Draje Maddie's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    lassen on the brain
    After more studying, it's the site.
    If it's a vanity press, I'm steering far far away from it. I've done the vanity press thing through AuthorHouse, and although their product was acceptable and for the most part under my control, there wasn't any marketing support. I even avoided Savant Publishing for the same reason (aside from the fact that in-house authors are the main critics of of another's work, and always favorably!).

    Thank you for your input!



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