Royal pain in the derriere.

I don't know what the heck the DNS server is. It's so difficult for me to connect to the internet because of that. Today I spent the whole day, from like 9:45 AM trying to connect and I didn't connect till today around 8:13 PM. It kept giving me the same message, "DNS Server is not responding" and then on the "detailed information" link it would tell me, "Your computer is trying to connect to a DNS server that is incorrect or doesn't exist." I'd been using DSL since 2003 and I'd never had that problem before. It started when I got my new laptop back in Jan 3, 2010, but in the beginning it would only happen every once in a while. I would restart the modem and restart the computer. Problem solved. Now, it happens all the time. I spend the whole day trying to connect and fail. Has this ever happened to any of you before? Thanks for your help in advance. You guys know how awesome you are.