For almost two years I've searched ...

The quest was long and arduous, some say I lost my mind in the process, others say it was already lost. Whatever the truth, I don't mind declaring that on more than one occasion I almost lost faith.

Perhaps it was my preponderance for perusing charity shops for books? After all, who but a madman freely discards a book written by an AWer's exalted hand? I don't know, but for those long, wilderness years, I spied nary a tome from an A dubbers paw.

Not one book.

Nor a single page.


And then today ... glorious today ... beautific today ... Thursday! (around lunchtime) I found one in a Tesco supermarket!

Unfortunately there is no in the wild pic -- a man without credit never carries his phone -- and yet here it is: rescued, taken to a warm place and given a stiff drink!

Now, just because I've re-homed the little blighter doesn't mean I'll treat her special. I don't have favourites -- Australians aside. So she'll go in the TBR pile just like all the rest and, after that, I have plans for her.

A madman's plans!

Yes, once she's read I'll re-release her -- ala Paddington Bear -- with a little tag on her jacket saying 'Please look after this book, thank you' ...

... and I'll defo take pictures of that.*