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Thread: [Authors' org.] Novelists Inc.

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    Comic guy Bartholomew's Avatar
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    [Authors' org.] Novelists Inc.

    I keep seeing a banner for them on the top of the forums, and I was wondering if anyone knew what they were.

    Their website boasts that their members average at having 16 or so published novels, but I can't fathom the purpose of saying this, or having a banner ad for some kind of exclusive club.

    There's definitely a fee involved, in the form of membership dues, but I'm wondering if what people get in return is worth the price of admission.


    I didn't mean this post to be insulting. I thought the banner had come up in some sort of rotation via Google ads. Nine-tenths of my posts are insulting people lately, so I'm going to go bury my head in my writing.
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    Their FAQ page is pretty clear on what they offer and why. But Victoria is a member, so I expect she'll be along presently with her impression of their services.
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    Dude, Victoria and a bunch of other authors who are members on AW are there.

    They do a lot of legal defense work for authors.

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    'Twas but a dream of thee El Jefe MacAllister's Avatar
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    Or you could, like, Google. Or go to their website and read about what they offer, to whom, and so on. Y'know, due diligence? NINC has a really quite good reputation.

    It's a professional organization for writers. There are rather a lot of them, and most of them have both a membership fee and requirements you're expected to meet. In return, you get various benefits, like possible access to medical emergency funds, legal defense funds, industry information publications, and etc. That's not in opposition to Yog's Law, Bart, in any way. They aren't a publisher, agent, display site, reading-service, fly-by-night editorial service (don't be confused, by this, though -- there ARE reputable freelance editors and book-doctors, both, as well), or other such dubious enterprise.

    For the record, I'm damned careful about the ads I accept for the forums, and have a list of blocked Google advertisers that's as long as my arm. If you guys see a sketchy Google Ad (beyond the usual "Self-Publish for Fun and Profit!" ads), drop me a note. There are a handful of places that change their advertised domains frequently specifically to get around the censors.
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