It's been a while since this thread was updated; I hope some of you are still checking in, because I have a request.

I have self-published a book calles Sons of Gods; here is it on Amazon:

It is Indian mythology, a conetmporary version of the ancient Hindu epic Mahabharata.
I have place the book on Babbelcube, in the hope of finding translators into other language.
So far I've found a French, Spanish and now a Portuguese translator -- Brazilian.
It's early stages as yet; nothing is decided. He is first going to translate ten pages, to see how it goes. I then have to review it. But as I don't speak Portuguese, it's rather impossible!

So basically I need a Portuguese-speaking beta-reader who can tell me if the translation is good. Not the content: the language. Gramatically correct, and, if possible, lively and interesting.

The plan is, once it is finished, to find a regular Brazilian publisher, as co-authors.

I think I have already met Truelyana and I will contact her directly; but it woudln't hurt to have more than one opinion, right? It's just ten pages for the start. I might even post them here so that you can all chip in.

How's that? Any volunteers?