Hello everyone. I checked the last several pages and didn't see this topic posted. Since this is my maiden thread, I'm sure you'll forgive me if this question has been asked before.

My only completed MS is YA science fiction, but now I'm hearing the siren call of an adult contemporary romance. I'm beginning to outline my thoughts and research the genre to minimize first-timer mistakes.

During my reading, I've discovered that many romance writers "get their start" selling category and then go on to write single title. I'm not sure why. Is it because category is shorter? Easier to sell?

The book I'm outlining would just happen to fit perfectly into Harlequin's American Romance line, (though I can't figure out how steamy they want the love scenes...I had planned them quite hot), but 60k would really limit the story. And one concern is if Harlequin rejected the MS, wouldn't such a short specific book be useless to anyone else? Would plotting this book as a single title give me more options when it comes to submissions?

Thanks in advance for your help!