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Thread: [Writers' Org.] Sisters in Crime

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    [Writers' Org.] Sisters in Crime

    Has anybody heard of this:

    There's an annual registration fee but they offer critiques of both ms and query and I wonder if anybody has done this and if they recommend it or not. A published author indicated it to me as a great place to have one work's critiqued.


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    It's a well-respected organization. I was registered for a while, but I let it lapse. Lots and lots of published writers are members. Can't speak for any services they offer; never used any. I didn't get as much out of the organization as I should have, but that was entirely on my shoulders, and I'd have no qualms about recommending them to others.

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    I went to a meeting in Toronto (I'm assuming they have different chapters) It was open to the public for a small fee because Kelley Armstrong was on a panel discussing her crime novels. It was a very small group of people, so I got a chance to speak to everyone there, including Kelley's agent...many, many good things came out of that meeting for me.
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    It's a good organization and a number of mystery writers I've known over the years are active members. I believe two members of my critique group keep their memberships current.

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