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Thread: Suggestion Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterlight View Post
    You guys have a QUILTBAG space and a space dedicated for POC, but no sub-forum for people with disabilities.

    I think it would be great if we had our own space too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raventongue View Post
    I am super late coming in, but:

    When someone first pitched this idea to me, I was assuming it would be something more like POC or QUILTBAG than CC. A place to discuss the social aspects of disability, rights, the push for equality, ways to cope with existing discrimination, news related to these things, and sometimes AWers coming in to ask questions- all the same stuff I've seen in those two forums. And that's what I'm most interested in seeing.

    From a purely personal standpoint I do hope the various forms of non-physiological disabilities would be included, but I can understand if they're not and I won't make an issue of it.

    What I mean is, I figure I'm not the only AWer who'd love to see a designated spot for the respectful discussions of sanism/mental health stigma, or of intellectual disabilities and the stigma related to those, or of media portrayals of neurovariance, etc that sometimes take place in other forums here... But I know the prejudices people with physiological disabilities face are different and it's not my place to decide whether all disabilities can be discussed in the same subforum.
    I don't know how I missed this conversation the first time it happened, but I've been thinking of something like this, and just came to this thread to suggest this very thing.

    But I see it still hasn't happened yet (unless it's there somewhere and just invisible to me), so I thought I'd raise the suggestion again.

    My thoughts are along the same lines as Raventongue.

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    I'm a new member and I tried to find posts on Flash Fiction using the Advanced Search box. It yielded many, many results but none that dealt with flash fiction, as far as I could tell by looking at the snippets.

    Could someone tell me what I didn't do right?


    Daniel E.

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    Hi, Daniel. I've had much better success using the uber-secret Google custom search box at the bottom left of every screen. It's nowhere near as prominent as the other one, but hey, when you're the best you don't have to be a blow-hard about it, right?

    The forum for Short Fiction includes a sub-forum just for Flash Fiction.
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