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Thread: [Job listing]

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    [Job listing]

    Call me a fool but I recently got involved with someone on the site and stupidly went ahead and dealt privately with them. I did work to the tune of £900 and never got paid. Endless ridiculous emails from the client: All very Monty Pythonesque excuses - the cat's eaten the invoice you sent me. My mother exploded last Wednesday and the neighbours stole my brain. Really!

    Okay, I was a right royal titbox to get into this arrangement with no deposit and no trace of the supposed client. Ah well, we live and get poorer.

    What I would like to share here is this:

    If you are a member of the aformentioned site and you get a message in response to a bid that reads as pasted below, please F these people off big time. They use the same badly written response to bids every time. I have, since getting kicked by these people, received exactly the same requests, via

    I am now older, wiser, more cheesed off and certainly poorer. I complained to the site and heard nothing back. I understand it is not their responsibility. If I was silly, then I was silly. What a goose I am.

    However, it does niggle me somewhat to think that the site doesn't give two hoots about this and that they still have such a shoddy means of checking out members as to allow new accounts to be set up by scammers using the same techniques.

    Please, my fellow good wordsmiths, be very wary of this and bear in mind that despite the person I was dealing with telling me he would not publish until he had paid me I found my work peppering the internet within hours.

    If you get the message pasted below, please don't respond. If you do, request at least the blood of the first-born as deposit and don't waste your good stuff on these people.

    Here's what they say:

    "Sorry for the late response but I was very busy it was difficult to choose the best writer. Anyway I want to choose you for this project because youíre a native writer and you present yourself good I need 30 articles 350-400 words, for a new website.

    Please reply to my e-mail (this could any mail at or if you accept as fast is possible, if not tell me and Iíll choose another writer. If you accept I will prefer to communicate directly via e-mail because I have other writers and I designed my e-mail program to easily manage my writers.

    You can upload the articles here for evidences in cases of disputes or something like that, but send them to my e-mail too but I if you do your part will not have disputes, I will respect my part of the contract by the word.

    One more thing, I prefer to pay you via PayPal because is easier for me, (fees, time, etc) but I can pay you on the site too. Anyway in either way I will need any invoices to register it into my records. I will try to pay the invoices in a matter of hours or so because I must check the articles but I will always pay for them. I can't afford to publish the articles without holding all rights.

    If these articles will be published on other websites/blogs then mine Google/Yahoo will diminishing my hard earned rank a lot due to the duplicate content and if the duplicate content is above 40% they will even ban my website and I will loose hundreds of dollars and lot of work invested in this website, thatís why is highly important to delete the articles after I pay you, and not use resell or use them in any way.

    Best regards,

    A made up name"

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    Aww, that really is a bummer, Hitch. When I first starting freelancing it was exactly this kind of thing that had me wary from the getgo. I hope you do get some kind of answer or at the very least some kind of action is taken.

    Deleting the articles after you're paid seems sketchy. Maybe if you goggle some of the work you've done you'll find this website(s) and be able to take action from there.

    "Sit down and put down everything that comes into your head and then you're a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff's worth, without pity, and destroy most of it." ~Sindonie Gabrielle

    "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." ~Richard Bach

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    Assuming that you don't have direct contact details so that you can set a no win, no fee debt collector after them then...

    Please, my fellow good wordsmiths, be very wary of this and bear in mind that despite the person I was dealing with telling me he would not publish until he had paid me I found my work peppering the internet within hours.
    He hasn't paid you so it's your copyright. File a DMCA notice for each article used and report him to his ISP.

    Plus, you can either sell them elsewhere or publish them will nilly all over the web and make his worst duplicate content nightmares real.

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    I agree. Set up 3-4 blogs and publish all articles you gave this guy (repeat all articles on all three blogs, so the duplicate content messes up his rankings). Then post a notice at the top saying your work was stolen by the owner of such and such website. Can you get the name of who owns the domain? Publish it too. Then send the guy a link. Then report him to the hosting company. Don't just let it go.


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