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Thread: [Content site] (Jennifier Davos)

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    [Content site] (Jennifier Davos)

    I picked up a keyword article assignment from her on

    After I did the work she told me she would pay for the assignment " 2 weeks after acceptance" rather than immediatly.

    She then rejected the work for grammatical mistakes, that do not exist.

    The articles were looked over by 3 professional editors for errors. All three found none.

    There were however several errors in the rejection letter she sent.

    I believe this person is out to get keyword work for free, and "rejects" articles in order to not pay for them.

    I HIGHLY recommend not working with her.

    The rejection letter:


    I am afraid to say that the articles you have sent to me are not up to the mark which i were looking for. They have lots of grammatical mistakes and requires much editing which right now i am not in a position to edit them. I would recommed you that you must use word processor to avoid mistakes

    I am sending back your articles with my sample of writing for your reference. I am very sorry for that and hope you understand my position

    Best Wishes

    Last edited by victoriastrauss; 08-28-2005 at 08:54 PM. Reason: Edited to remove Ms. Davos's e-mail address

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    Well, I don't think she really has the right to USE your article without paying you, or having an agreement that you were doing the work for free or just for copies, etc. That does sound like an unfortunate situation you had to go through so I hope she doesn't try and use your article.
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    She does sound like a bottom feeder.

    Google for your article in a few days/weeks and see if it turns up. If so, you'll have your proof.
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    Heh. I must say I've never seen "Jennifer" spelled that way before, either.

    Freelancers needed

    Posted by Jennifier , Aug 26,2005,00:23 Main Screen

    I am looking for freelance writers immediately. I can pay onely $5 per 500 article. The articles belong to health site.

    Need help urgently and its a ghostwriting job. Reply me as soon as possible on jennifier.davos@ (removed).com

    Thank you
    The email address traces back to, which looks like yet another Google-trap site. Bleah.

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