Agent Deborah Levine Herman of the Herman Literary Agent has written a book called Spiritual Writing. In it she lists agents who represent spiritual books of all categories, so I thought I'd put some of that info here. Maybe it could be stickied. I'm not going to add their websites, takes too long to look them all up, so please do more research yourself:

In alphabetical order:

Altair Literary Agency: Andrea Pedolsky. HIstoy of religion and new ideas about religion. Writers with practice and/or publication in the field.

Loretta Barrett Books
General spiritiual, no poetry

Hal Zina Bennett and Associates Spiritual and Health books

Pam Bernstein and Associates
quality spiritual material

Daniel Bial Agency

Bleecker Street Associates New Age, spiritual

Book Ends LLC , Jacky Sach: recovery, spiritual recovery outside traditional religion, nature-based spirituality, animals and spirituality, Wicca, Buddhism, eastern spirituality, Yoga, Tantra.

Jane Jordan Browne Multimedia Product Development INc
Christian fiction, spirituality, New Age

Pema Browne Ltd New Age, scholarly, popular works in religion, spirituality and reference. No astrology or occult.

Clausen, Mays & Tahan Lit. Agency. Not specific. Individual authors who resonate with her. No angry, negative or preachy books.

Liza Dawson Associatesd Spiritual but not New Age.

Sandra Dijkstra Lit Agency
New and exciting material in spirituality supported by relevant credentials and experience

Forth Write Lit Agency Metaphysical and perennial wisdom

Sarah Jane Freyman Lit Agency. Books by authors well grounded in in their spiritual practice.

Jeff Herman Agency Spirituality and self-help

Natasha Kern Lit Agency: fiction with characters whose spiritual beliefs inform the work. Non-fiction: Native Americvan, Buddhist, Vhristian, Jewish, New Age, Wicca

Literary Management Group Exclusively Christian, motivational and inspirational, evangelical literature

Toni Lopopolo Management spiritual material formwriters who have credentials and platform

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency Inc New Age, religion, Christian, Judaica

Rita Rosenkranz Lit Agency Spiritual and inspirational titles

Writers HOuse LLC: Karen Solem Broad spectrum of spiritual subjects