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Thread: FAQ about AW IRC Chat Channel (How to get there, who the operators are, etc.)

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    This might help anyone wondering where to find an IRC client (I've been asked this a couple of times, recently).

    The advantage of installing an IRC program instead of accessing starchat via JavaChat is that the display can be adjusted (text size, colors, etc.), chat logs are saved, and text on screen can be copy/pasted if desired.

    One of the best-known programs is mIRC:

    Check out the "getting started" page,

    mIRC has a 30-day trial period, then you're prompted to make a donation if you continue using the software, I believe, but this isn't mandatory. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Myself and several AW chatters use IceChat:

    Check out the "quickstart" page,

    If you're a Firefox user, you can install Chatzilla.

    Updated, Jan 2018. This program was formerly an IRC plug-in, started from within Firefox, but this stopped working with Firefox Quantum. However there's a standalone version which doesn't need to be started from within a browser.

    I found it here:

    I selected the (Windows Installer) version and this downloaded fine, and installed okay when I clicked on it in my Download folder.

    A Chatzilla icon wasn't added to my desktop but when I selected Start > Programs, I could see Chatzilla, and ran it from there. (I've since right-clicked on the Chatzilla entry, selected copy, then pasted a shortcut to my desktop).

    Once you run Chatzilla, you can enter a couple of commands to reach the #absolutewrite chat channel:


    /join #absolutewrite

    /nick yournickname where yournickname is your preferred nick in chat.

    Or -- consider editing Chatzilla's preferences so these commands and other info like your username are run and supplied automatically. It's just a few simple steps, you only have to do them once.

    Select menu Chatzilla > Preferences

    In the General tab, you can add your nick into the Nickname: field.

    Select the Startup tab:

    Scroll down to Locations, select the Add button, enter irc:// into the Prompt input box, select OK, then select the Apply button. should appear under Global Settings. If it doesn't then you may have to stop Chatzilla, then restart it again.

    Select the irc:// entry.

    Select the Lists tab:

    Here in the Auto-perform field you can add a list of IRC commands (without the / in front of them) to save you having to enter them manually every time you run Chatzilla.

    Select the Add button, enter join #absolutewrite into the Prompt input box, select OK, then select the Apply button.

    If you have registered your nick and have a password, you have the option to add it here also, e.g. select the Add button, enter ns id password into the Prompt input box (where password is, obviously, your own password), select OK, then select the Apply button. Also note, this password should match the nick you added into the Nickname: field in the General tab noted above.

    When I stopped Chatzilla, and then restarted it again, I connected to irc:// and joined #absolutewrite automatically.

    Any problems with this, drop me a PM.

    Just noting my personal preferences when using Chatzilla in case it helps you: the default white background hurts my eyes, I selected menu View > Color Scheme > Dark Motif and the background changed to black. Each to their own. The default text size was also too small for me, I held down Ctrl and hit + a couple of times to up the font size.


    Also, as mentioned above, Mibbit

    Mibbit is a web-based IRC, see Sara's post here. Or, goto which should show this sign-in screen:

    Select the yellow Server link and type into the Server: field.

    Type your chosen nick into the Nick: field.
    Note, if you have a registered nick, you would enter: nick password

    Type #absolutewrite into the Channel: field.

    Then select the Connect button.

    Which should take you to the #AbsoluteWrite chat channel.

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