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Thread: [Printer] MagCloud

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    [Printer] MagCloud

    Anybody had any experience working with these guys?

    Link to main site,

    Link to folks associated,

    Seems to be more of a POD printer than a real publisher or even subsidy publisher.

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    They're not a publisher. They're a printer. They print quite a few magazines. If you are a small magazine editor/owner, they're probably worth checking out.

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    At first, I thought oh oh...PA moves to magazines, but this site is backed by Hewlett Packard and I doubt they will close shop overnight... Sort of reminds me of Harper Collins and their Authonomy site, except this is taking it a step further...

    It sound sound interesting, but they are still in their beta version, which may be good to get in at the ground level, or bad if they do not grow. The terms of service sounds very confusing as to what they allow because you are not allowed to violate any local, state, federal, or national law and that includes countries which may not allow certain content, like China and Iran, and they have the rights to void any publication. Sounds like, if we get a complaint, we shut you down.

    Still I marked it, as it might be a fun way to use with ones Blogs and further build an audience.
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