My aunt owns the house I live in. Since she bought this house, there has been a never ending stream of neighbors who think they have the right to tell her what she is and isn't allowed to do with her property. They fully believe they have the right to use her property at will.

She has repeatedly told them to get off her property, told them to get bent etc.

Now I have a more umm, testy nature than my aunt. One reason I have a fireball chucking woman as my idol and avatar.

Last straw came for me this morning. My aunt let me know that yesterday one of our neighbors informed her that she had to have OUR car out of OUR driveway by 8 in the morning because the neighbor is having landscaping work and the landscapers will be parking in our driveway for the day.

The neighbor then adds my aunt will have to find a place to park on the street. Given the congestion in this city finding street parking is an impossible task in-and-of-itself. Oh and Thursday, the day our neighbor has deemed our off limits to us is street sweeping day. Any car park on the street will be tagged and towed.

Now once my aunt old me this I EXPLODED!!! I am so sick of the fucking people around us trying to take control of my aunt's property. I think the neighbor might very well have heard my reaction to this. I think they heard me in Guam.

I will be moving our car to the end of our driveway tomorrow morning, thus blocking any access to it.