I am brand-new to the idea of freelancing (just started researching yesterday) so bear with me if some of my information is limited or incorrect.

Some background info: I am 24 and looking into freelance writing, most likely as part-time work to supplement my current income. I also have social anxiety, and I am trying to determine how much of a deterrent this may be to finding and securing work.

In terms of the process itself, I am more than willing to do the work needed to develop and polish my writing skills, as well as research the business-related aspects. The bigger concern is how I would fare in the more personal modes of communication. I have few problems communicating in written form, but in-person and over the phone, the anxiety is readily apparent.

From what I understand, the initial door in is almost always through written means (i.e., query letters) but how much in-person and phone contact is involved after that? And how much of a factor is that personal contact in securing the job?

I am currently working on the issues behind the social anxiety, but because this is something that will not resolve overnight, I want to be realistic in assessing what will be possible within the confines of my current situation.

Any input is appreciated. I do plan to do further research but would like to have more information on the process before devoting all my energy to something that may ultimately prove to be a futile pursuit.