Got a couple of question.

When a human body is cremated and given back to the family why does it weigh so much? (Let's use for this question a hundred pound person, small boned.)

I have held, in a box, the ashes of such a person and was amazed at the weight of the box. I thought when you burned something into ash that it really made it lighter. Like when you burn a log in the fireplace, the ash is feather-like with almost no weight.

The next question. When you see the pretty urns that contain said ashes they are no where near the size needed to hold the amount that I saw in this box of ashes. The urn would have to be pretty big to contain them.

The next question. It is my understanding that teeth do not burn. Does that mean that if I sift through an urn that I will find teeth? Do they first sift through the ashes before they give you the urn of ashes?

If you desire to scatter or someday bury the ashes of someone do you have to get a permit? In several areas in Arizona that I am aware of folks scatter ashes of loved ones. What about those that are scattered at sea?

The next question. What type of reasons besides feeling like they are keeping a loved one close to them would someone keep the ashes? I have one friend that even talks to the urn once in awhile.

Thanks for any information you can share.