Thanks guys. My family are more annoying than anything, as I'm used to having to see past their negativity and do my own thing now. It's not actually that they have my interests at heart, it just doesn't ever occur to them to actually think before they speak, they just say whatever comes to mind without considering how it affects other people (not just me, btw, they're this rude to everyone). So because they think I'm useless, they just come out and say so. But they lost the right to give me advice on my life a long time ago.

But guess what? Read this thread (couldn't reply as I was on my iphone and can't type well on it) and got home after a private tour last night, to write 543 words of the beginning of the WIP. It may not be the best stuff, but it's got something there now! Which I think just shows how great this thread and you guys are.