All right, kiddies, keep looking out the car window. See those little signs, one after another? Let's read them aloud.

Don't stick

Your elbow

Out so far

It might go home

In another car


* * * and here comes another set * * *

At intersections

Look each way

A harp sounds nice

But it's

Hard to play


* * * * * *
Young folks will please do their research at the link above

Now, how about we write our own? The rules:

  • One "sign" per person (except for the fifth, see below)
  • Rhyming of fifth line with second or third line
  • Fifth line post includes "Burma Shave" to indicate it's the end; the next poster must start a new series.
  • Subject can be anything
  • Puns are welcome

I'll start us off with:

When you're writing