OK. When I email a submission, I include a short few paragraphs stating: "here's my story for mag. It's so many words. Hope you like it. Blah blah."

But that's the nature of sending something through email. You need to put SOMETHING there or they just get this blank email with an attachment.

Now I'm doing some snail mail submissions and it's been YEARS (let's not say how many) since I did it this way.

In the olden days, a cover letter was sort of just good manners. Same nonsense, "Hi. Here's my story. It's so many words. Hope you like it."

But then in the olden days, in the Submission Guidelines they required a cover letter in most cases.

I'm noticing no one says anything about a cover letter (at least the ones I'm sending it to). Should I just send the story with no introduction or is a cover letter still good manners?