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Thread: Check-cashing scams

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    Moderator In Name Only AW Moderator Roger J Carlson's Avatar
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    Check-cashing scams

    Not a writer's scam, but a scam that could affect anybody. You might want to check out this:
    --Roger J. Carlson

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    wishes you happiness JennaGlatzer's Avatar
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    Thanks, Roger! I was debating earlier whether or not to move the topic here, but I didn't want to mess with its search engine placement, which is obviously working.
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    farm boy

    Sweepstake scams

    Just recieved letter from " Current Regina Management and Payment inc"
    out of Regina , SK

    Same old song & dance.

    I won $100,000, Heres a check for $3,750.00

    There address is 14 Froom Cres, Suite 2 Regina , SK S4N 0t9
    TEL 1-306-351-1829 ext 2

    What I have read so far, I will be tearing letter & check in half.
    Thank all of you for all the information on these scum balls.

    Thanks again , from a farmboy in michigan

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    Say no to this face? Not sure I can Storyteller5's Avatar
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    Sask, CANADA
    Yep, sounds like a scam. I live in Regina and Froom Cresent is residential.
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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Just in case anyone needed confirmation this is a scam...:

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