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Thread: Looking for 4th Grade Geography Book

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    Looking for 4th Grade Geography Book

    I am trying to recall the title of a geography book I used in 4th grade, back around 1957. All I remember is that it was based on traveling to various parts of the world and learning about people in each of those places.

    First was a plane or boat trip from New York City to Belem in Brazil,
    then a trip up the Amazon to Manaus.

    Next stage was the Belgian Congo (this was 1957).
    Then the book took us to Lake Chad.

    The next part of the journey was a long tip north to
    Hammerfest, Norway. From there we flew halfway around
    the world to Canton, China. Then on to Australia, and finally
    back to the U.S.

    Does anyone remember a 4th geography book like this?


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    Holy crap! Thats a long time ago even for some of the 'older' people over here. (Most of us are 15-35) I would ask at the round-table you may get better results. Good luck.
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    Not too long ago for me, but I don't remember it. Ours had Pimwee, Boy of the Jungle.

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    Have you tried finding it via google? I might start there, if you haven't

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    I suggest you join (just $5 for an eternal membership) and ask about the book on There have been a lot of what's-the-book questions like yours met with success, since there are so many members of all ages.

    p.s. everyone else should join too it's amaaaazing

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