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Thread: [Critique] (Nancy A. Chase)

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    [Critique] (Nancy A. Chase)

    Beware of this internet critique scam ...

    Ms. Chase offers mentoring and critique services on her website, I submitted my manuscript -- after filling out her official-looking "contract", etc. -- and was promised a full critique and line edit for a sizeable fee.

    Thereafter, it was delay after delay, excuse after excuse, missed deadline after get the point. After several months of ever-more-outlandish excuses for not completing her services as promised, she emailed to say that she was shutting down her "business", and would not be performing any future manuscript services. Of course, she would return my work with a "full refund".

    In the end ... no critique, no manuscript, no refund. I guess it serves me right to fall for such an obvious and blatant scam. Please learn from my mistake and avoid Nancy A. Chase and

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    Yeash, one sure would hope that you have a copy of said "contract" so as to have legal standing with which to extract said refund from her unwilling fingers, depending on just how sizable said fee was.

    If nothing else, perhaps you could have a friend of yours with some legal background draft you a quick letter to send to her address. Some people tend to get a bit more helpful once they think you've retained legal council. Or there's even the prepaid services that cost around $20 a month for a few hours of free "lawyering" so to speak.
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