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Thread: Melrose Books / Melrose Press

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    Melrose Books / Melrose Press

    Has anyone heard of Melrose Publishing, or even had their book published with them? They are a publishing house located in the UK and they have been in operation since 1969.

    They are a commission type publisher, in which, you the author pay them a fee to publish, edit, market, promote and distribute your book. Then, when your book sells, you get a 50% royalty on all books sold.

    Has any of you published this way? If so, has your book been successful?

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    I presume you mean Melrose Books, not Melrose Publishing.

    ETA: It's vanity, no more, no less.
    Q: What is Commissioned Publishing?

    A: Melrose Books is a pioneer of Commissioned Publishing. We work on the basis of a shared partnership between publisher and author. If we feel that a manuscript has sufficient merit and can be promoted successfully we will make an offer of publication. The author commissions us to publish their book by bearing a cost towards the publishing process. We are responsible for all overheads. We are experts in producing high-quality books and can fulfil every part of the publishing process from editing through to design, production, marketing, sales and distribution. As we have a vested interest in the success of your book we do our utmost to maximise its potential. Our authors receive 50% or more royalties on each book sale. Find out more here.
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    Only came across your post today. I did a review of their services last year. The 'commission' publishing program is as close as there is to old-style vanity publishing, and the comments posted by authors after the review about their experiences are not positive.

    For your perusal.


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