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Thread: 2nd Edition?

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    2nd Edition?

    Not sure what contitutes a "2nd Edition" of a book. I have had my self-published book printed 6 times now, but this time I actually have made some massive grammer corrections and added some things. Would this constitue a "2nd Edition" here:

    First unpublished printing in the United States of America March 2007
    ISBN: 978-1-4243-3292-2 Composition by


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    practical experience, FTW StephenJSweeney's Avatar
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    As far as I understand, you may make spelling corrections and grammatical fixes (and even insert missing words), without needing a new ISBN.


    Spelling - "He went over to the tble" > "He went over to the table"
    Grammar - "She reaches for the cup" > "She reached for the cup"
    Missing Word - "They were in for long night" > "They were in for a long night".

    However, if you add significant text, change chapters, etc., then this counts as a new edition and would require a new ISBN.

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    That sounds about right to me.


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