Not much to report on my end... Except that I'm coming to terms with being goth. Not that I dress the part so much, but... I figure if I can be honest with myself about my goth/metalhead persona, it'll make it easier to accept myself as a girl.

To this end, I've been watching lots of youtube clips made by goths. Basic video blogs... And I do feel more like myself now that I'm accepting certain parts of who I am.

Still not courageous enough to wear makeup or nail polish. But I think that's more an overcompensation for being a closeted trans girl, rather than not accepting my gothiness.

Of course, watching those youtube vlogs has made me want to start one of my own. I don't own a video camera though, and it was pointed out to me that every unneccessary purchase puts my transition further away in time.

But I'm a shopaholic, and I can't stop thinking about buying a video camera, even though it's not essential. My own vlog is just an excuse for that, I guess.

So yeah... That's about all that's happening in my trans life right now.

Uni's going well. Getting good grades, keeping up with deadlines (barely). It's that "barely" that is stopping me from working part time (or looking for part-time work, as the case may be). Uni grades are too important in comparison to a dead-end entry-level job...

So I'm not really making any money, but I've been pretty good about not losing money either. Yes, I've spent a chunk of my savings on various things, but I still have savings in the bank. That's growth for me.

Anyway, I'm rambling.